THE ANIMAL COUNCIL (TAC) was founded in 1991 to combat San Mateo County’s (California) action to enact legislation forbidding cat
and dog breeding, and mandating sterilization of all cats and dogs.  TAC is a California nonprofit, public benefit corporation tax-
exempt under Section §501(c)(4) of the Internal Revenue Code.

TAC’s goal is to seek positive, humane solutions to the challenges of animal rights activists through study, analysis and application
of animal husbandry, statistics and law, and at the same time preserve human benefit from all species, breeds and registries.

  •         TAC monitors selected federal, state and local legislation and regulation affecting the rights and interests of animal
    owners and welfare of animals.  

  •        TAC prepares analyses, position papers and letters on pending issues and lobbies selected jurisdictions, primarily in

  •        TAC provides counsel to inquiring individuals, organizations and legislators.  

  •        TAC disseminates reference materials, including legislative updates and topical reports furnished by electronic mail to
    individuals and organizations.



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FEDERAL ISSUES -  Updated 2/10/2020 (Now includes link to Federal Reference Materials page, including APHIS back to 1997)
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Home of National Pet Alliance studies.    3/14/2013 - NEW STUDY PUBLISHED      
5/22/2013, NEW  -  
UC Davis and National Pet Alliance Study - Interview with Karen Johnson
11/1/2014 -  New study published, new concept in feral cat management: Study of the effect on shelter cat intakes
and euthanasia from a shelter neuter return project of 10,080 cats from March 2010 to June 2014
CA Fairgrounds "revitalization" projects.  Santa Clara County    CAL EXPO; Solano County; Alameda County     
Outdated links removed, but these plans are ongoing and threaten loss of event venues for animal events.
Planning processes are at county boards of supervisors level, i.e. "development."
2013 Solano360 Specific Plan
SERVICE ANIMALS Three California Penal Code sections prohibit denial of access, intentional interference without
legal justification and knowing and fraudulent representation, i.e. "fake" service dogs. 2018
For additional information, scroll down to the topic at
PALM SPRINGS (Riverside County CA) 2/27/20 City Council agenda detrimental dogs/cats breeding permit, more.  
$100 unaltered dog license.   Passed; next, second reading, THURSDAY, March 19 as scheduled.  POSTPONED 2/27/20
VIDEO   3/19/20 City Council Consent Calendar, deleted at request of staff.     See Current Legislative Materials
On March 12, 2020,Governor Newsom Issues New Executive Order Further Enhancing State and Local Government’
s Ability to Respond to COVID-19 Pandemic, suspending parts of the Brown (local govt) and Bagley-Keene (state
govt) Acts to allow holding public meetings by teleconference with remote locations for public access/comment if
specified conditions, including notice, are met. Details on
Order, p 4-5 (PDF is image, not searchable.) 2 later
Orders modified the Brown Act and removed the requirement for remote locations. All public comments are
submitted electronically by differing methods and procedures that have been evolving.
NEWLY PUBLISHED: Assisting Decision-Making on Age of Neutering for Mixed Breed Dogs of Five Weight
Categories: Associated Joint Disorders and Cancers, Benjamin L. Hart, Lynette A. Hart, Abigail P. Thigpen and Neil
H. Willits. Front. Vet. Sci., 31 July 2020       
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